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very nice, funny ending :)

Wondermeow responds:

Cheers Kaicy ^^

is that kid retarded?

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Don't be so harsh guys, i think the game is good but of course there is place for a lot improvment if you wish. I think it should be more clear the ecobalance, i would prefer to know the damage of not killing an animal for example, but not till the end of the round, and btw i think adding a score and a round identificator would be great. I might give a try to Stencyl in the future, i like the idea of doing games like this without programming and complex coding. Anw good job

SergiGirls responds:

Thanks! Interesting your opinion.

About the Ecobalance, its life is 50. Don't kill an animal without halo is -1. Don't kill an animal with halo or shoot it in water mode is 0. Kill an animal with halo in crossbow mode is -1.

Yes, the ecobalance could be more clear. For example, the ecobalance bar only indicates when the Ecobalance is in 100% 75% 50% 25%, for time I didn't add more variations. Also the space was a problem, my idea was put a lot of images in the game, but not only Newgrounds have a limit of 100 mb, also with a lot of big images stencyl don't work well. For example I did 22 illustrations for the game (finally appear 4, if I'm not wrong) and the Forestpedia had 6 pages (finally have 4). For this game I didn't try use direct text, all is written in an image, obviously that affected the space too. If I had known that the Stencyl would not resist all the images my priorities would been others, I spent all a week, or perhaps more, drawing and painting.

I'm agree about a round identificator. In the case of the score, I didn't know, originally I wanted it, but I thought that was not necessary because the objective is complete 10 waves and don't exist a ranking or things like that in this game.

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Holy shit! This is AWESOME!!

brave poro, it s searching for that porosnack isnt it

Wondermeow responds:

Lol He must be ^^

beautifull :)

Wondermeow responds:

Thanks bro ^^

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