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Entry #3

Hello, i m back

2016-12-27 03:29:19 by Kaicy

In the past months, I was occupied with learning 3D modeling, I still do learn and I am trying to improve it as much I can.

3D design can be a rather hard and complicated field for someone, it includes many aspects, -modeling, lighting, rendering, texturing, animation -. But one can focus on a specific aspect and get it as far as he can. Personally, I find all parts quite interesting and for now, I will continue learning and doing 3d related stuff as long I enjoy it :)

Visit my blog if you interested to see more 3d stuff:




And btw these are the links to previous flash creations, I don't want them to be hidden under this news post.

Refresh page if browser mess the files.

1. The Window. 


2. Different versions of a Manga girl.



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2016-12-27 03:46:02

Yer stuff is nice to hear, glad you're back