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2015-04-12 08:48:06 by Kaicy

Hello! I 'm Kaicy, I 'm a new member and  I 'm going to post projects and stuff related with animation! Here! Please leave me your feedback, everything is welcome. Regading animation i consider myself as beginner but i hope to increase further my skills and one day be able to work professionally. So if I get it right, I just have to leave the link of my project. Please take a look, it isn't finished yet but I will post updates occassionally. And tell me what you think!

link here 


And btw does anybody want to be animation-buddies? You know, discuss about animation related stuff or not and helping each other. I believe we can achieve more if we stand together. I prefer people around my age or older.

My english aren't the best sorry for that. Msg me.


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2015-04-12 19:00:34

Hi Dude,

Happy to be your animation and art buddy left you a message in your private box by the way.

Kind regards,



2015-04-15 06:40:28

It's look very interesting and the most elements are very good animated. Perhaps the lightning must down more fast and the windows down in a "hard" way.

And this is only a personal opinion: I don't like so mucho the gradient of the wall and floor, It's so hard, personally I prefer the gradients more blurred.

Good Luck!

Kaicy responds:

Thank you very much for your review my friend :) yeah i agree with your points, i will improve and add more elements later. I ordered a tablet but I m waiting till arrive then i will add more content and i will make many changes.

Thank you!


2015-04-17 20:05:12

Pretty nice! How long have you been practicing? also you must know some coding as well which is pretty neat.

Kaicy responds:

thanks dude!i learnt some basics of flash and javascript at univesity and the last month decided to focus on flash, however coding isn't really my thing.